Meet Kacey

Black Rose Bake

Black Rose Bake Shop specializes in modern and romantic buttercream cakes and cupcakes for any special occasion and all everyday celebrations. They are dedicated to highlighting your special moment with delicious dessert and elegant art.

Meet Jocelyn + Alex

Passenger Productions

Passenger Productions is an Orlando-based videography team composed of the husband and wife pair, Jocelyn and Alex. They began making videos together in college, tied the knot and moved 1200 miles south and began this journey. Going fulltime into wedding videography during a pandemic was adventurous, but that's just our style! Modern, cinematic, bold.

Meet Kathy

Hippie TeePee Picnic

Hippie TeePee Picnic is is dedicated to bring creative themes and wandering picnics in Central Florida, our goal is to make a memorable experience for you. We pride ourselves in being one of the most affordable pop-up picnic companies in Orlando, and strive to provide a pleasurable experience EVERYTIME!

Meet Denae

Fancy Floral

Fancy Floral offers wedding bouquet, wearable floral, monthly subscription and much more. Receive a special discount when booked illuminephotos + fancy floral

Meet Tristen

Cloudless Sulphur

Cloudless Sulphur Floral is a boutique wedding and event florist in Winter Garden, FL. Fresh designs to specification for each individual wedding couple and event.

Meet Karla

Glow it Balloons

Glow it balloons offers ballon decoration for any special occasion. Receive a special discount when booked illuminephotos + glow it balloons.

Meet Nicole

Glam by Cartagena

Nicole is a freelance makeup artist. She loves using makeup to enhance women beauty and highlight individual personality. Receive a special discount when booked illuminephotos + glambycartagena

Meet Yami + Luis

Vision & Vibe Events

Yami + Luis are hubby & wife duo with Dominican roots. Vision & Vibe offers numerous services such as luxury picnic, elopement wedding and much more. Receive a special discount when booked illuminephotos + Vision & Vibe Events