"There's two things I know for sure: She was sent here from heaven and she's daddy's little girl."

Bob Carlisle

Anthony + Analiyah

First and foremost, if you did not tear up when you saw this daddy & daughter session, there is definitely something wrong with you.


I got inspired to write a little bit about this authentic Daddy + Daughter session. I normally do Mommy + Me sessions for Mother’s Day or for single moms. Actually, the majority of the Mommy+ Me sessions I've done have been single moms, but there was something about this session. There was a genuine moment between these two humans.


When I got back to my car after this shoot, I was a bit emotional. As I sat in my car and recalled what I just experienced, I was overwhelmed with joy. As I said before, I have always taken photos of mothers with their children.


I don't know Anthony on a personal level. But in those thirty-five minutes I got to spend with him as I captured those authentic interactions, I could tell you what I saw in those precious moments.


I noticed how little credit single Dads get. I saw how madly in love he is with his daughter. It didn’t matter to him how silly he looked or sounded. None of that mattered because he was with his little princess. In that moment, he made her feel like nothing mattered more than her.

She definitely enjoyed being around her daddy. I mean, they had a tea party!


I was inspired by his kindness and tenderness towards her. I applaud all you single dads out there that are dedicating time and emotional support to your little ones. I promise, it will all be worth it.

I hope this session inspires you to show love to those that are close to you.